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Adult Novice Team

Novice Team - More information for the season 2018 is coming soon.

For first year rowers who have completed a Learn to Row  Class (see Adult Learn to Row link on left sidebar) and oarsmen and women who are returning to the sport after a long absence. Rowers will continue to develop their sweep rowing skills in a group setting that promotes the enjoyment of rowing by building skills and fitness.

Find more answers in our Novice Team Q&A


  • All sessions run by professional, safety-certified coaches
  • Organized rows

As a team member, here's the scoop:

  • Team members are expected to meet minimum standards for fitness and participation. 
  • Sign up for practices in advance on the Club sign up document.
  • There are volunteer expectations as MRC members...please expect to help out from time to time.
  • Team members are expected to keep their financial status with MRC current by paying regatta (and other) fees promptly.
  • Team members are MRC members and are expected to comply with MRC Policies and Code of Conduct.

See you on the Water!

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